“Historic Nashville is the city’s only historic preservation non-profit, so we have a responsibility to be the voice of the people – and to magnify that voice whenever we can. Holly served as a media expert on our marketing committee this year. Without a doubt her input and expertise helped raise our voice and bring our message to many, many more people. Part of her work was leading media relations for our Nashville Nine campaign – our signature media event of the year. Through her work we had more public nominations for the campaign, and were ultimately featured in every print and television news outlet in the city. Holly knows media, and we are lucky to have her on our team.”  Melissa Wyllie | President, Historic Nashville

“Holly Abernathy has been a frequent contributor to Chattanoogan.com with her columns and photos, and we always welcome her contributions. Her writings about motherhood have been especially insightful and poignant.”  John Wilson | Publisher, Chattanoogan.com

“I worked with Holly Abernathy during her stint as Promotions Director at WDEF/WDOD radio. While the radio business is fraught with characters and ‘personalities,’ Holly may be one of the most normal people I’ve worked with in my almost 40 year career. She is both well organized and creative. While organizational skills and creativity are two must-haves for the Promotions Director position, perhaps an even more important skill is in dealing with people. Holly dealt with all comers with a can-do attitude and an accommodating smile. She is painstaking organized and passionately creative. In fact, if it weren’t for her decision to stay at home with her children, Holly would probably still be in her office next to mine, making the “trains run on time,” and making me chuckle with her witty observations. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming book about one of Chattanooga’s most well-known characters as much as I enjoyed working with Holly.”  Robin Daniels | Music Programmer and Traffic Reporter, WDEF of Chattanooga

“Holly Abernathy has been a tremendous business asset over the years.  She developed a small business website for me and did wonders with a limited budget.  She is a gifted writer and photographer, and makes me feel like she is reading my mind when it comes to graphics choices and content.  It is always a pleasurable, stressless and easy experience working with her.”  Cheryl Brown | Entrepreneur, Broadcasting Executive

“Holly writes the way she thinks – with clarity, insight and humor. She is connected with people, an endearing attribute that many writers – as observers – don’t possess. When working with Holly to handle tight deadlines, international challenges, and unexpected forks in the road, she never wavered in her loyal commitment and untiring ability to focus on what needed to be done. Partnering with people who have a genuine work ethic turns seemingly impossible tasks into laudable successes! I always want to be on Holly’s team, in business and in life.”  Lonnie Schorer | Architect, Author

“Holly Abernathy and 6qCreative is the perfect mix of savvy kick-butt business woman and funky edge-y media messenger. She walks a line that most people won’t or can’t. Her business mind moves her full-throttle through the branding and message delivery industry — match that with her passion for the client’s goals and you’ve got one dynamo of a marketing partner.”  Lisa Jacobi | Former Network Television Producer, Playing On The Planet, and the current force behind Lisa Affordable Websites

“As our Promotions Director, Holly played a key creative role in the promotion and marketing of our radio stations. During her years of service, she created, wrote, designed and executed outstanding, effective promotions for our stations and clients that generated audience and revenue winning results. Currently, being in the medium of radio, we needed a photographer that could bring our stations to life in a visual form that matches and accentuates our product. We needed someone who could tell the story we’re communicating while capturing all of the emotions of both our storytellers (announcers) and the audiences that we reach everyday. Simply put: Holly brings our words and sounds to life by creatively capturing the photographs that tell “the rest of the story.”  Danny Howard | Station Manager, WDEF / WDOD / WUUQ of Chattanooga

“As well as being a pleasure to work with, Holly Abernathy has a well-spring of ideas that will both get you noticed and support your cause. Holly’s knack for promotional advice will challenge and encourage you to take your project to the next level. Thanks Holly for helping me get on track!”  Phillip W. Rodgers | Author and Illustrator, Discovering God Series 

“With Holly, you’ll have at your disposal more than a truly gifted photographer, talented web content writer and top drawer copywriter; you’ll have a pro uniquely capable to bring your ideas to fruition efficiently, effectively and creatively. Her abilities will impress, however the personality which complements those skills will prove invaluable.”  Jason Walker | WDEF / WDOD of Chattanooga

“DJ Gene Lovin – 410productions was born about 4 years ago. Holly Abernathy played a huge role in the birth of our DJ business. We needed a professional, polished website and had ideas of what we wanted to say, but Holly knew just how to use her expert knowledge of copy writing to communicate our message effectively. She was off and running with ideas for layout of the pages, graphics for interest – even including some custom photos and images specifically for our website. When our website was ready to be launched, Holly crafted a press release, alerting the media and public that a new DJ service was in town. Consequently, our business was taken to the next level. We are so happy to continue to have Holly in our corner!”  Brenda Gray-Lovin | DJ Gene Lovin – 410productions 

“Holly’s skills were the force behind reuniting the volunteers and employees of the 1996 Olympics on the Ocoee River. Olympic Gold Medalist Joe Jacobi along with Olympians Wayne Dickert and Horace Holden were speakers at the event facilitated by Holly. It was a wonderful weekend and Holly’s writing and organizational skills were a major contributor to the success of the event. What’s even more impressive is that she is a wonderful mom raising two beautiful children. I’m so glad I was a part of the reunion to make connection with Holly once again!”    Pam H. Inman | President, National Tour Association (NTA)