• Articles (Feature, Web and News)
  • Celebrity Articles / Interviews
  • Research Articles (Assigned Topic)
  • Travel Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Website Copy
  • Brochures
  • Special Event Coverage

Images / Photography

  • Some of the photographs seen in various online and print publications are available in high-resolution reprints or canvas upon request. Please contact for pricing information and the specific source of the image you are inquiring about.


  • Press Kits
  • EPKs
  • DVD/CD Covers
  • Any and all print materials including business cards/design, brochures, flyers.
  • Promotional Materials
  • Special Event Banners
  • Special Event Posters


  • Logo concept and design for small, medium and large businesses
  • Company, personal, and website logo creation available with special attention given to branding
  • Fill out our logo design brief to get started

Note Cards

  • Note cards of select photographic images are available for a limited time. Please contact for pricing and more details. For Chattanooga-specific note cards, please visit the gift shop at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo (downtown in Chattanooga, Tennessee).